Installing SymphonyOS 15.0

This document will guide you through installing SymphonyOS 15.0 from the Live ISO. It assumes that you have already burned the ISO to a CD or DVD and have booted to the live environment.

Launching the installer

To start the installer, click on the Settings target Settings

And then on the "Install SymphonyOS" icon

Install SymphonyOS

Follow the on-screen prompts to continue selecting "Yes" to install and "No" to changing the language.

You may select a language other than EN-US but this is not currently supported so your experience may vary

You will next be prompted to set up partitions for your new installation. Currently this must be done manually via gparted. The installer will launch gparted automatically and you should create at least one partition for your files (we recommend also creating a swap partition).

Once you have created your partitions and had gparted apply your changes you can close the gparted window. The installer will resume and will begin copying files to your hard drive.

When completed you will be prompted to reboot to your new SymphonyOS installation.