Download SymphonyOS 15.0 beta

SymphonyOS and the Mezzo Desktop remain works in progress. This is a beta release and you should use caution when using this distribution in any production environment.

symphonyos-15.0_amd64.iso md5 (642MB)

New York, NY

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Install the Mezzo Desktop on Debian

Mezzo is intended to be used within SymphonyOS and other distributions are not officially supported. Installing Mezzo on a non-SymphonyOS system may cause unforseen issues but if you are brave, the instructions are below.

**If you are using a display manager other than lightdm please be aware that this will install lightdm along with some other default packages. **

First, add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list

deb symphonyos main

Then download our gpg key:


and add it:

apt-add key key.gpg

Update your apt database:

apt-get update

and install the symphony-desktop metapackage:

apt-get install symphony-desktop

The install may encounter issues, if it does, run:

apt-get -f install

You should now have a mezzo session option in lightdm.