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December Project Update

As we close out 2014 many new things are happening both for myself and for SymphonyOS.  In May of 2013 I accepted a job with DigitalOcean working from home on their support team. In November of this year I finally made the cross-country move from rural Iowa to NYC and started a new position with DO as a Community Manager as of December 1st.  One of the greatest things about coming to work at DO has been working in an environment with other people who are passionate about Linux and open source and this environment emboldened me to finally release...


Release: SymphonyOS 14.1 Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of SymphonyOS 14.1, the second release in the Phoenix series.  This release includes several bugfixes over the 14.0 developer preview from earlier this year including. Update to an Ubuntu 14.04 base system Improved handling of menu generation and proper updating of the menu system when system changes occur Improvements to the logout functionality Replacement of Slim DM with LightDM Security updates to the local httpd Fixes to installation from DVD While this new release still receives a beta title and should not be considered stable it is a large step forward and we hope...


10 Years of SymphonyOS!

On August 17, 2004 I created a subdirectory on a site I had and announced the start of the SymphonyOS Project.  Over ten years of on and off development, complete re-writes hard times and good times the project has continued.  With the announcement today of SymphonyOS 14.1 we continue to try and create a simple, easy to use and lightweight operating system.  Many of the features first seen in Symphony have become ubiquitous in mainstream desktops today and we hope to continue to try and push the envelope on usability in the desktop. In celebration of Symphony’s 10 year history...


Sneak Preview – SymphonyOS 14.1

We will be releasing SymphonyOS 14.1 very soon.  Based on Ubuntu 14.04, SymphonyOS 14.1 provides several bugfixes to the previous developer release.  More details to come… Strawberry WallPaper by Patrick Hoesly ( Licensed Creative Commons Attribution

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Announcing SymphonyOS 14.0 (Phoenix) Developer Preview

It has been 5 years since we have released a new version of SymphonyOS and after several false starts we are happy to announce the release of a developer preview of SymphonyOS 14.0 (Phoenix).  This new release is based on an Ubuntu 13.10 base system and includes the completely re-written Mezzo 4 desktop environment (in it’s current incomplete state). This rewrite of Mezzo continues to use the lightweight and endlessly configurable FVWM window manager but replaces our previous Mozilla based desktop with a whole new system written with Perl and Gtk2::Webkit along with a local httpd provided by mongoose. Note: This...